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The beta is closing in September ’24 and we can only onboard two more teams.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The process is simple:

  1. You book a 15 minute call with us to discuss your current situation and see if Tekkr is the right fit for you.
  2. We onboard you to the first product, Diagnostics. You will run an 8 minute survey across your team, and we’ll then discuss the results in a Retro.
The goal is simple: to identify your team’s biggest improvement potential.
  3. Based on the findings, we give you access to a Playbook that you can implement in your team. We’ll also recommend you best alignment practices you can use to drive adoption in your team, so that you’re set up for success.

As a Beta user, you get direct access to the Tekkr team, including 1-1 coaching.

Our team has experience working with Tech Leaders at some of the leading Startups in Europe today. There’s a high change that we’ve already encountered, and solved, the problems you’re currently facing.


Being part of the Beta will give you direct access to the Tekkr team. You will get coaching, consulting, and all-around help.
This doesn’t scale as software does and that is why we have very limited seats and charge a price to access the Beta.

Experience tells us that Engineering and Product Managers are the ones who get the most value out of working with Tekkr.

But if you’re eager to improve your tech team, and have the capacity to do so, apply!

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