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Is Tekkr right for you?

If these problems sound familiar, explore Tekkr

Tekkr is FOR you if:

  • Stakeholder management is a major, often painful work driver for yourself and your teams.

  • You have the abilities to improve your tech team, but staying “on top” of all the work is already draining

  • You feel that trust & communication between the business stakeholders and tech could be better

  • You feel that your team could profit from more time spent on development & growth – if you find the time

  • You lead engineering or product or both in your team

Tekkr is NOT for you if:

  • You believe engineers, product managers and designers should work as separate as possible

  • You view software engineering as a production process and are tracking lines of code for performance

  • You have seen it all and things should best remain as they are. Change is hard anyways.

  • You’re already best-practice in everything tech management. Please call us, we’d love to talk to you.

  • You work in sales, ops, marketing or any other non-tech function

Get In The Driver Seat And
Take Control With Tekkr

Set expectations and establish a clear starting point with stakeholders and your team

Without shared expectations, you can never win!

Minimal effort. Use an existing retro slot and only seven questions to techies & stakeholders for maximum effect.

Step #1: learn where to improve


A Shared Starting Point

Step 2: Learn how to improve


Validated Tech Best Practices

Save huge amounts of time & stop reinventing the wheel. Get access to a revolutionary platform for validated tech best practices.


“Tekkr is like the collective wisdom of the elder nerds at your fingertips.”


Take control. Empower yourself & your team, to autonomously self-improve and move forward.

Step #3: repeat


Get Better

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