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Tech Leaders at fast-growing companies use Tekkr to discover patterns holding their team back, introduce new processes, and ultimately make work a breeze.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The process is simple:

  1. You fill in a 3 minute survey
  2. We tell you what we believe is your team’s biggest improvement potential
  3. You can take it from there and create a new process to up-level your team, or download a Tekkr playbook and save huge amounts of time and effort by starting from a validated tech best practice. Why reinvent the wheel?

The first playbook is on us.

If you then wish to continue working with Tekkr to discover patterns holding your team back, introduce new processes, and ultimately make work a breeze, you can apply to our Beta here.

If you’re a Product Manager, Engineering Manager, or a Tech Leader with a strong growth mindset.. This is for you!

Our team has experience coaching Tech Leaders at some of the most exciting Tech Startups in Europe today. There’s a high chance that we’ve encountered, and already solved the problems you’re now facing.

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