Upgrade your retrospective

Save preparation time. Get better team data. Empower your team to grow. Have more fun.

Save Time

Take the preparation work out of retrospectives. Simply configure your retro with Tekkr, save precious time for better things.

Use Great Retro Content

Select from pre-built retro modules for fun, analytics, content discussions and decision-making.

Get Better Team Data

Kill e-mail surveys nobody answers. Easily use pre-built team analytics and look at real, meaningful data every retrospective.

Make Better Decisions

Track your team’s positive changes over time & help your team self-improve. Your manager loves the deeper insights too!

Empower The Team

Use analytics and proven moderator tools to identify clear improvement opportunities and bottlenecks.

Get Best Practices

Get tech-industry best practices specifically fitting for your context, team and key challenges. Make real change!

Tekkr takes tech teams to the top

unlock the
power of

your tech team

Your team has huge potential. However, the day-to-day is holding you back from living up to this potential.

Massive efforts in stakeholder management, keeping the software development cycle running smoothly while growing and developing the individuals on the team. Ah yes, all this in a remote/hybrid environment.

Tekkr empowers tech leaders and their teams to achieve their potential. With upgraded retrospectives, a data-backed approach all while having more fun. You’ll love it!

gather great team data, have more fun and help your team achieve it’s potential

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Unlock your teams potential with better retrospectives

Retro Satisfaction


positive feedback

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Are your retrospectives broken too?

Is your retro broken too?

74% of retrospectives
action items

are never started

Retrospectives can be great. But preparing a great retro takes a lot of time, following up on the action items even more. This is why most retros just result in a longlist of complaints which never actually get tackled. Tekkr upgrades your retrospectives, saves you time and helps you and your team actually make things better.

save preparation time &
hold a better retrospectives easily

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Find answers to these

frequently asked questions

Yes, you can book one retrospective for free to trial the whole experience.

First you will chose your duration: 30m, 60m (recommended), 90m

Example Retrospective-Agenda for 60 Minutes

  • Icebreaker Quiz –> select from various options
  • Team Dynamics 101 -> an introduction provided by a real expert
  • Diagnose Team -> self assessment within the retro
  • Break
  • Analyse Results -> group review & analysis
  • Discuss Options -> group discussion
  • Set Team Priority -> decide one key improvement opportunity / bottleneck

Yes, our retrospectives currently work for 30m, 60m or 90m. We recommend 60 minutes for a good mix of data, analysis, prioritization and having fun.

Unfortunately not yet, but stay posted we’ll be working on it soon!

  • Team analytics
  • A clearly identified and aligned improvement opportunity
  • A best-practice playbook to tackle your biggest improvement opportunity
    (courtesy of our expert network of CTOs and CPOs and other technical leaders)
  • Optional: if you want to impress your manager, we’re happy to provide a short summary of your results in “Executive Summary” style

Yes, we care a lot about your experience. We are 100% dedicated to making your retrospective a success. Let us know if you any question anytime!

Start with a free trial, level up as needed

our pricing structure


per month


  • One retrospective, one team

  • Unlimited participants

  • Tech team analytics

  • Icebreakers & quizzes

  • Tech Expert Participation

  • CTO Dashboards


per month


  • Unlimited retros, one team

  • Unlimited participants

  • Tech team analytics

  • Icebreakers & quizzes

  • Tech Expert Participation

  • CTO Dashboards

Large Business

per month

let’s talk

  • Unlimited retros, 15+ teams

  • Unlimited participants
  • Tech team Analytics

  • Icebreakers & quizzes

  • Tech Expert Participation

  • CTO Dashboards