Run An Effective Tech Organization

As tech leaders, you are often bogged down by various tasks and activities that are not core activities.

Tekkr helps you focus on where you move the needle and takes care of the legwork.

As techies ourselves, everything at the interesection of Tech and HR is our sweet spot.

Our experience cover a wide range of activities:

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TechHR as a service:

  • Productivity

  • People & Interim Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Tech Education for Stakeholders

  • Hiring & Recruiting

  • Outsourcing Support

  • HR Business Partner

Get In The Driver Seat And
Take Control With Tekkr


Improve Productivity The Right Way
(Not Measuring Lines of Code)

Unlock the performance of your tech teams with our bespoke support. We help you make the case away from counterproductive metrics, like lines of codes or # of commits, and towards strategies that really enhance efficiency and the innovative power of your teams. Partner with us to cultivate a high-performance culture that values quality and fosters continuous growth.

People Management As A Service & Interim Management

Parental Leaves, Bridging The Gap Until Full Hires Onboard, …

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Seamlessly navigate transitional periods with our People Management as a Service & Interim Management solutions. Whether it’s covering for parental leave or bridging the gap before a full-time hire, our expertise ensures continuity and stability in your tech teams. Trust us to maintain momentum and leadership, ensuring your projects never skip a beat.

Organizational Development

Get the help you want to level up your organization

Empower your organization’s evolution with Tekkr’s comprehensive Organizational Development services. Whether it is establishing clear career frameworks and leveling systems, creating robust recruiting pipelines or implementing effective performance management processes – we got you covered. By partnering with Tekkr, you ensure that your TechHR functions are not just managed, but strategically developed to align with your growth ambitions. Let us be the catalyst for your organization to scale, innovate, and lead.

Tech Education for Stakeholders

Empower Everyone To Meaningfully Contribute To Tech

Transform your stakeholders into tech-savvy contributors with our Tech Education programs. Our interactive workshop formats are designed to demystify the tech landscape, help stakeholders understand how they can contribute best and build trust and recognition between tech and stakeholders. Our weekly educational content can keep stakeholders informed and engaged in the long run. Let’s elevate your team’s tech fluency together.

Hiring & Recruiting

The right talents, fast

Streamline your hiring process with Tekkr’s Recruiting services. We prioritize swift placements without compromising on quality, ensuring you find the right talent that raises the bar for your team. Our approach is tailored to fit your unique needs, so you can confidently build a team poised for long-term success. Since we support many companies, we can help you save through volume-discounts if specialized headhunters are needed

Outsourcing Support

Tap into talent pools to get work done

Leverage our expertise in navigating the global talent landscape with Tekkr’s Outsourcing Support. We guide you to the best outsourcing providers, helping you tap into diverse talent pools. With Tekkr, you gain a trusted advisor to connect you with the right partners, ensuring your projects are in capable hands.

HR Business Partner

Support your techies, with real HR business partners for tech

With Tekkr’s HR Business Partner services, your tech team is backed by HR business partners who truly grasp the technical domain. They are well-versed in key areas such as strategic planning, talent development, and retention strategies, all tailored to the tech industry’s unique dynamics. Our commitment is to provide you with HR support that’s not just knowledgeable, but deeply integrated into the tech landscape, ensuring your human resources initiatives are as advanced as your technology.

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